Arsenal’s Pros And Cons For Robin Van Persie

With the Premiership season now over, Robin Van Persie must make the most difficult decision of his career and choose to stay or leave from Arsenal.

There are a lot of reason for him to leave, but nobody would think he’s a mercenary if he decided to go, so let’s try and have a look at the situation through his eyes, and see what pros and what cons Arsenal presents for him

– He has his family in London and he’s happy with them there
– He’s Arsenal’s captain
– He’s the most important player at the club at the moment
– He’s the best played player at the club
– Arsene Wenger puts all of his trust in Robin’s decisions
– The Fans love him
– Arsenal are thirsty for a trophy (or more!)

– Arsenal haven’t won a trophy for 7 seasons
– Very few big name transfers have been made lately
– He’s not young anymore
– Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy managed to win trophies right after leaving the club
– Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus and City are on his trail

The captain needs to make this decision soon, and while we all hope he’ll stay, nobody can know for sure. What can Wenger do to keep his most important player at the club?