Wenger – I want Arsenal to be The Invincibles again next season

Arsene Wenger may not have led Arsenal to a trophy for seven long seasons, but he personally has won an award for being the manager of “The best team in the Premier League era” as he coached the brilliant Invincibles who won the title in 2003/04.

As he collected the trophy he acknowledges their excellent record, and believes that his present team has the possibility to emulate his old Arsenal team next season. He said: “I am proud of winning the award and very happy because I told the players at the time they could achieve something special once we were champions by being invincible,”

“They did it, but at the time they did not realise how much it would mean in the future. I am very proud of that.

“My target is to get back to that level. I feel we are not far from coming back to fight for the championship, and let’s hope we can show that next season.”

I don’t know about challenging for the title just yet, but if Wenger sticks with the same defence that conceded an unprecedented 49 goals this season, I doubt very much they could equal 49 unbeaten!

Does anyone think we could do it with this Arsenal team?