Will Van Persie’s departure be the beginning of the end for Arsenal?

Former Gunner legend Patrick Vieira seems to think that Robin Van Persie is at the moment the glue which keeps the club together at Arsenal, and that if the Dutchman will leave the Gunners will face massive problems in keeping their valuable players.

According to Vieira Robin is one of the best players which stayed at Arsenal after Nasri and Fabregas left last season, and that his departure could mark the beginning of a very bad period at the club where players will be hard to keep and even harder to transfer.

“When Samir and Cesc left, you could say, ‘OK, but we still have Van Persie and Jack Wilshere at the club.’

“But if Robin leaves, that means next year it may be Theo Walcott, next year it’s Wilshere, and it’s going to be difficult for Arsenal to keep their top players.”

“Robin wants to win trophies – and Arsenal have to prove he can do it with them.

“We know that Robin loves Arsenal. That is not the question – the real question is how Arsene Wenger will convince Robin they can win trophies.”

Arsene Wenger just managed to sign Lukas Podolski, who will surely prove to be a fantastic signing, but he’ll need much more than a striker to convince Van Persie that he should remain with the Gunners and sign a new contract.

Could Arsenal recover if Van Persie leaves this summer?