Jens Lehmann thinks Wenger will sell Van Persie (at the right price)

First of all, now that the Premiership season is finally over, I have started betting instead on American sports like the NBA and the MLB. If you want to join me then check out this top US Sportsbook here. Meanwhile us Arsenal supporters will have to simply put up with transfer rumours and othe conversations about our great club!

The big transfer story is of course whether Robin Van Persie will be leaving Arsenal, and today the Gunners legend Jens Lehmann seems convinced that Arsene Wenger will be selling the Dutch hitman if he can get his perceived market value out of the buying club.

“Robin is now 28 and this will be his last big contract. He has to consider everything,” said Lehmann. “Arsene Wenger was always a master at buying and selling players at the right time. He still has the quality to evaluate the real value of Robin van Persie.

“He always considers the past value of the player and the future value of the player.

“Of course it would be a good sign for the supporters if Robin stayed, but when you consider his next contract could be four years, he would be 32.”

Wenger has proved that he can squeeze the last penny out of clubs like Man City (when he sold Adebayor and Nasri), but should the sale of a player (and Arsenal captain) like Van Persie be down purely to a matter of economics?

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