Arsenal win a trophy! Will this persuade Van Persie to stay?

There were funny scenes at the Pie League Trophy awards in Brighton this week when Arsenal were voted as the club with the best pies in the Premiership. The fun started when Paul and Vicky Campbell, who run Piebury Corner (and who actually made the pies in question) went up to pick up the trophy, but found that the Arsenal caterers (Delaware North) had taken over!

Paul Campbell said: “We went up to collect the award and we were all standing on the stage together, but the caterers took it.

“I said: “That’s our trophy”, but they said it’s got to go back to Arsenal.”

So it seems that Arsenal have got a trophy to put in their cabinet after all! The organizers confirmed that the award was actually for Arsenal Football Club, but they promised to give Piebury corner a copy of the award.

A spokesman, Denis Sheehan, said: “It’s right the caterers took the trophy as they were representing Arsenal.

“But it’s down to Piebury Corner that Arsenal won.

“Arsenal should be pretty pleased with Piebury that they have won something!”

Mr. Campbell wasn’t too upset by their decision and said: “It was a bit of a mix-up and we’re laughing about it now.

“We just hope the trophy will persuade van Persie to stay.”

That may be a bit of wishful thinking, but you never know lol!