Arsenal lose £1.5m after Chelsea win (but Spurs lose everything!)

Maybe its not a lot of money in the scheme of things in football today, but Arsenal have been deprived of £1.5million out of the UEFA television money, which is normally based on the position that each club finishes in the Premier League and gains entry to next season’s Champions League.

But because Chelsea actually won the competition this season, they are now entitled to 30% of the pot (£9m – the same as Man City), Man Utd are to be given £7.5m instead of £9m and Arsenal are to get £4.5m instead of £6m.

Poor Tottenham are set to receive ZERO instead of their usual 10% for finishing 4th (£3m) and also lose out on the untold riches for actually playing in next seasons competition.

So we may feel sorry for Arsenal losing out on a miniscule £1.5m to spend this summer, but surely we have a little bit of sympathy for Harry Redknapp’s side who end up with absolutely nothing???? Haha!