So where will Van Persie go then?

The Dutch striker Robin Van Persie is focusing on winning Euro 2012 with Holland and has agreed not to talk about his future with Arsenal until after the Tournament. Holland open their campaign against Denmark later today and are among the favourites to lift the trophy.

Van Persie is one of the most sought after players around and has been linked with Barcelona, Juventus, Chelsea and Manchester City. There are not many more teams who could afford to try and sign him as he has been offered a very good deal to stay at Arsenal.

He will not be leaving Arsenal for any of these three Premier league teams, according to the striker’s father talking to El Mundo Deportivo “It is impossible to go to another English team. Robin does everything necessary to win, but victory is not his only goal. Play to win, but not at any cost.”

Bob van Persie was referring to the players like Nasri who abandoned Arsenal for moneybags Man City in the hope of picking up silverware. He believes his son will show Arsenal the same loyalty that they have shown to him in the past.

On the chances of his son going to Spain he said “Why the hell would he play at Barcelona or Real? Barca already have Messi and it would not make sense to join them. Madrid are not a team but a group of stars.”

If he is right, then there are not many options left. Juventus are very keen on the Dutchman but are not super rich. The scandal in Italy also makes a move there somewhat risky. So where else is he going to go?

He might as well stay where he is!