The Crappiest Rumour Ever, Or We Should All Stop Being Gunners!

This is truthfully a weird rumour to speak about, because it would mean that our chants and applauds for Arsenal are worth exactly squat, as today’s Mirror Football states that Arsenal have slapped a £30 million price tag on striker Robin Van Persie.

This is either an idiotic made-up rumour, or a very worrying thing for all Arsenal fans around the world. Arsene Wenger’s strict policies stop the club from bringing in top players if they come at a big cost (and they usually do), but they don’t mind at all selling their best players for profit…is this a club, a charity house for other clubs who want rip-off prices for top players, or simply a business for the owners?

I mean, if it’s a business, just say so, we’ll start wiring you money, each fan pays a quid or two each week, and we keep you from selling out top players! If it’s money you want, just say so! This way we can all make up our minds whether to keep on chanting for you or not, because this is becoming ridiculous.

It was okay when Fabregas and Nasri left, because the two simply didn’t want to play for Arsenal anymore, and it would have been idiotic to keep them, but now Robin’s leaving too? What next, Walcott, Vermaelen, Wishere, Song and Arteta and we may as well start hoping not to get relegated, right?