Arsenal receive first (and hopefully last!) bid for Van Persie

So the rumour mill today is churning out the news that Arsenal have received an £8 million bid for Robin Van Persie. It’s an interesting bit of news and we all knew it was going to happen one day – that someone would bid on our Dutch captain.

It is somewhat a derisory bid considering the fact that RVP was one of the best strikers in the world last season. He managed to get best player of the year and golden boot in the Premier League last season. Surely you’d expect more than the measly £8 million being reported.

However, as explained by quite a few on Twitter, it’s just a way of expressing interest. The selling club needs to get confirmed interest from any buying club and hence a form of a bid (no matter how much it is) confirms that there is indeed clubs interested.

Now of course, I fully expect Arsenal to completely reject this offer as we all know that we not only intend to keep RVP but if he does go, you’ll need to offer at least triple that for Arsenal to consider in my opinion.

I still expect the Dutchman to stay at Arsenal. When you see figures of £8 million being thrown about, it would be extremely silly to not keep a hold of him. The potential to win trophies and so on will bring in 5 times that revenue from commercial deals every season. It would set our commercial income up for the next 5 years which would be perfect. This of course is an article in itself and I will be discussing our finances soon enough.

My ultimate decision is that if the offer is true, it will be rejected and Arsenal will still aim to keep RVP because they really are in no need for any extra income. This is the season we spend, not sell!