Nuri Sahin is coming to Arsenal

The last obstacle between Real Madrid’s Turkish midfielder Nuri Sahin and an Arsenal shirt has been removed. There have been some pictures of the young midfielder in the Red and White but I remain unconvinced of their veracity. The reports flooding out of the Spanish media, however, have convinced me that the deal is done.

Jose Mourinho is one of the great media manipulators and all pf the main Spanish papers are “releasing” stories from “club sources” that Real Madrid have sanctioned a loan move to Arsenal, and only Arsenal, because no other team fits the criteria.

We are not doing everything that Madrid want, but our interests just seem to coincide. Man United were a latecomer to the talks but insisted that they would have the right to buy Sahin at the end of the season. Madrid did not want to give up on Sahin, as they see him as a potential world class footballer in years to come.

Tottenham wanted him on loan but would not include him in any deal for Luka Modric. Madrid have had enough of Daniel Levy’s demands and Sahin does not want to join a club that is not in the Champion’s league anyway.

Arsenal have already spoken to Sahin, apparently, and Mourinho knows that he will learn alot at the Emirates. Are we helping Real Madrid? Probably. Are we helping ourselves? Definitely.

The Spanish media also reports that Wenger will have some sort of buy out or first refusal clause written in to the deal.
We are gonna kick some ass next season!