Will Arsenal pay for their transfer deals by selling Van Persie, Walcott and Song?

All Arsenal fans are enjoying this part of the transfer window immensely as the new arrivals and the continuing Arsenal transfer rumours appear to be making a mockery of Arsene Wenger’s well known prudency in the summer market.

So it would seem that unless Wenger has suddenly turned into a devil-may-care buy-everyone-at-whatever-cost type of manager (unlikely?), then the fact remains that Arsenal will have to recoup some of these funds by letting some high-priced players go the other way to cover the costs.

Let’s say that (including Cazorla coz that looks like a done deal) that he has spent around 40m Pounds so far, plus the 15m that he has admitted the club needs to make to pay off the stadium interest, it would seem that Arsenal will be selling to cover the difference.

Van Persie is very likely to leave, which will bring in an expected 20m, then there is Bendtner, Park and other unwanted players which may bring in around 10m, which leave at least another 25m to find.

The other obvious departure is Theo Walcott who is also unlikely to sign a new contract this month, and the latest rumour is that Barcelona are closing in on Alex Song for 15m. I would have thought it unlikely that Wenger would let another player go to the Catalans without a fight, but when you look at it from a business point of view (and the fact that Arsenal seem to be buying a lot of midfielders) it makes sense that the three headline names could really be leaving.

Am I just being paranoid or do you agree that Wenger will have to balance the books as usual?