Olivier Giroud asks Arsenal fans to be patient

The new Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud came off the bench to make his debut for the Gunners against Sunderland this weekend, but he failed to break the 0-0 deadlock and even missed the best chance of the game when he was throug on goal.

Giroud said after the game: “The coach [Wenger] told me that I had more time but added that I had not to worry about it.

“If I had been on my left foot, I probably would have taken more time. It was on the right foot… I’ll have to work my right foot!

“This could have been the dream start. In Montpellier, I did not score for my first game. So I’m not worried. I think, here, I will get plenty of chances and I will score.

“People are clever enough to know that Robin took a lot of space here. His last season was wonderful. But before that, he took time to settle. So I’m just asking people to be a little patient with me.”

Yes it could have been the dream start but it just failed to come off, but I’m sure Giroud will have many more chances to prove that he can score goals, starting next week at Stoke I hope!