Do Arsenal have Song’s replacement?

Fan favourite Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has said that the club must fill the space by Alex Song and the Englishman feels he could do it himself.

Alex Song’s transfer to Barcelona was made official earlier this week and the fans realise that the club have lost yet another important player.

Chamberlain said;

“They are big shoes to fill but you’ve got that anywhere at Arsenal. In any position you’ve got a big role to play and big shoes to fill. You only have to look back at the Invincibles and the team that won the league — they are massive shoes to fill for us.”

“Whenever you’re playing on the pitch you have to step up to the plate and perform.  Alex Song was a great player for us and he was a big player for us — but we’ve got a strong enough squad. I’m definitely confident of that and I’m definitely confident of filling Alex’s role.”

Now, before some say, “But Chamberlain can’t play in defensive midfield”, you must remember that neither did Alex Song. Song was very attack minded and although he was great for Arsenal, he didn’t do the job, he was meant to do. It’s true, that he provided many important passes and assists for the team last season, but he also often left us exposed at the back.

Also, what Chamberlain is trying to say is that he is confident of taking Song’s place in the team, rather than his actual position, it’s likely that if no new defensive midfielder comes in, that Mikel Arteta will play in the single holding midfielder role, with three of Chamberlain, Rosicky, Wilshere, Diaby, Ramsey and Cazorla. Or will Wenger implement Francis Coquelin into the first team squad?