Fabregas to return to Arsenal? Yeah Right!!!

Spanish newspapers are the equivalent of a death row inmate getting a pardon in the eleventh hour. They are the potato gun that “one guy” decides to bring into battle when everyone else is arming themselves with AK47’s. They basically see the news as it happens in their vineyard! So read all about it, Marca newspaper, the same paper that said David Villa was on his way to Liverpool, the same paper that Wenger slammed as “Lies” is now claiming that Fabregas is set to make a return to the Emirates.

As much as I would love to see Fabregas make his return, sadly, he’s not, unless of course you believe the Spanish press. It’s reported that new Barcelona manager Tito Vilanova was finding it hard to use Fabregas to his fullest, after some mediocre performances from the former Arsenal captain at the beginning of the season. This of course lead to suggestions that our former Captain could make a sensational return to Arsenal. Depending which paper you read, Fabregas is either coming on a loan spell or on a permanent basis.

Cazorla was brought in to fill the void left by Fabregas, and it will be one of the most surprising moves in recent history, if the Spanish international returns to London this summer. I’m a huge fan of Fabregas. I always admired the guy. If there was one person that has left our club who I would take back, it would be him, but seriously, Barcelona is his boyhood dream club. I doubt a player of his magnitude would jump ship because of some lacklustre performances.

I suppose we can all dream though. If he did come back, it would be fantastic. However, hopes alone won’t do it. Fabregas has said, ” I would like to end my career here (Barcelona) but I will always be an Arsenal fan and maybe someday, who knows.” When referring to whether he would consider an Arsenal return. The fact is, I think we’ll have to wait till the end of his career if we ever get to see him playing in an Arsenal shirt but I, for one, wouldn’t mind. Not at all.