Will Jack Wilshere automatically get into the Arsenal first team?

One month from now and we’ll have a number 10 again, up for selection. Jack Wilshere, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, is back at training. The player is considered as one of Arsenal’s hottest properties but missed last season with an ankle injury and has remained sidelined for the start of this season. Arsene Wenger however is optimistic that Wilshere will be playing soon, having said, ‘Wilshere is looking very good in training. It depends what you call close, but I would say in a month he should be starting to play again.’

So what does this mean for our central midfield then? Well, we have three central midfielders, Diaby, Arteta and of course Wilshere. At least those are their original position’s, with Diaby and Arteta now playing in front the defense in a more defensive position, feeding the ball to Cazorla and the wings. With Wilshere, set to make his return, Wenger is relishing the opportunity to have a competitive midfield.

‘Look at our midfield,’ Wenger said, ‘you have Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshere, Coquelin and Rosicky. That is quality and there is a fight for the places.’

From that statement, Arsenal fans should be pleased with the depth in midfield. The only question, is who gives up their place if Wilshere is picked? Wenger is keen to play with the 4-2-3-1 formation where Diaby and Arteta can help the defense and control the midfield, leaving Cazorla, the wings and Giroud to lead the attack. But then the question still remains, who looses their place? Arteta or Diaby? Both have had good starts to the season and both can push forward in attack and retreat back to defend.

That is to say if Wilshere even manages to break into the starting eleven given the way Arteta and Diaby are playing. Wenger has already hinted that there are no certainties in midfield this season. Wilshere then, in my opinion, will be used as a super sub, perhaps replacing either Arteta or Diaby if their performances are under par. That most certainly will be the case for his first couple of games, until he becomes match fit, from then on, who knows?.

Either way, the 20 year old English International will have to fight for his place in the team if our midfield continues to perform well, although Wenger has already said Wilshere is a “future leader” at Arsenal….