Walcott closer to Arsenal contract after impressing Wenger as a striker

The situation regarding Theo Walcott has been dragged through the mud more times than needed. The winger, as we all know, wishes to play up front as a striker and helped his cause yesterday by bagging two goals against Coventry. However, Wenger was quick to answer any questions about Walcott’s future and talked about whether he should in fact allow the England international to be given a chance to prove that he could be utilized as a striker.

Speaking after the victory over Coventry, Wenger was asked to discuss Walcott’s recent comments about his desire to play as a striker.

Wenger was quoted as saying, ‘I am not against [Walcott playing up front], not at all. We will try. At the moment we have a big competition up front, we have a different formula and the team is doing well.’

“His time will come for that and at the moment we have to be a bit patient. He is a great finisher now, Walcott, in front of goal he is absolutely amazing.’

Arsene Wenger was also keen to plead to the supporters to have patience over Walcott’s ongoing contract saga which is yet to be resolved.

‘We all want him to stay. I always said exactly the same. I always said let’s hope that we can sign up and extend [his contract]. I speak to Theo of course,’ Wenger added.

There is little doubt in my mind that Wenger wants Walcott to remain at Arsenal. I think the manager wants the issue to now be resolved but I don’t see him simply rolling over to the England international’s demands and especially if money is concerned. If Wenger says 75k is the highest Walcott will get for now, then that’s exactly what the winger can expect. If Walcott wants the chance to play upfront, then he should continue scoring goals… Simple as.