Listen to Wenger and back Arsenal to beat Norwich! It’s a banker bet!

Norwich started the season with relatively easy games like QPR, West Ham, Fulham and Tottenham (lol!) and still couldn’t win a game, but in their last two matches have come up against Top Six teams and been beaten 5-2 by Liverpool and 4-1 by Chelsea and their confidence must be beginning to sag.

So they won’t be looking forward to facing Arsenal tomorrow and will be expecting another onslaught on their goal. Arsenal are unbeaten away from home in all competitions so far, and according to Arsene Wenger the Gunners play even better away from the pressure of the Emirates. He said: “The games are a bit more open and because we have a positive attitude away from home,”

“Sometimes we take more advantage of our chances on the road. I’m very happy with the behaviour of the team, be it away from home or at home.

“Maybe we’ve played with less freedom at home – with a bit more pressure. Let’s do well at Norwich, and I think that will put the team in a better position at home as well.”

So after this news (and Norwich’s recent record), I was very surprised to find out that bet365 are offering 1.95 (19/20) on Arsenal with a handicap of just -1, which means that if the Gunners only win by one goal you get your money back, but if they win by two or more you nearly double your cash!

Surely this is a license to print money and I will be having a nice juicy bet at those odds!

Obviously these prices are from British bookmakers but if you live in America you should check out the best USA Sportsbooks. You may even get a better price over there!