Wenger is angry at the Arsenal performance but wants lesson learned

Arsene Wenger is not seen as the kind of manager that administers red-faced bollockings at half time or after a match, but if he was ever going to do it then Saturday would have been the time. The Frenchman has spoken about his bitter disappointment at the way Arsenal performed against Norwich on Saturday.

“I am angry, but you have to acknowledge we have not created alot today.Overall it was disappointing but we were not in the game for the first 20 minutes with complete focus.We gave an easy goal away and from then on we made it difficult.”

Wenger admitted that the Gunners had not put in the work or the fight necessary in every Premier league game, suggesting that the players were over confident and then could not snap into gear. From back to front Arsenal were disappointing, and the only positive we can get from this is if the players learn from it and never let it happen again.

“It is a good lesson, but I would have preferred not to get it, because if you need lessons like that you will stand there at the end of the season and be full of regrets.”

Wenger did not blame any particular players and is confident that the whole team will recover and continue where we left off before the international break. Maybe the amount of players that Arsenal had away at internationals had an effect, but it should not have.