Wenger confirms interest in German midfielder

Wenger admits interest in an attacking midfield player!

Now, first of all don’t get your hopes up, this isn’t a player that will lift your spirits tremendously high and make you think “this could be the player to save our season” because unfortunately the player Wenger has admitted his interest in is no world class superstar – YET!

Speaking of how national teams are developing young players Wenger said; “The emerging countries to produce players look to be Germany and Spain and they have many good young players. When you look at the results of France against Germany at U17 in the last few years, and U16 – 4-0, 4-1 to Germany – that shows the trend will be more in favour of the Germans. We have looked at Holtby, and have played against him. Our scouts are kept on alert and the quality of the scouting is linked with that.”

Lewis Holtby has been a name that has been linked with Arsenal ever since the summer and it was a certainty that Wenger did hold some interest in the Schalke midfielder. However now he has come and admitted his interest in him, it shows that Wenger is on the lookout to sign more players this transfer period, this is a guess but it is worth keeping a close watch on the movement on the transfer window via kora after that statement in the hope that Wenger will surprise us. Maybe not the kind of player Arsenal fans want or think the club needs however it shows incentives to sign and that it isn’t going to be another one of those quiet January transfer windows.

The Schalke midfield man recently announced that he would be leaving however it was specified if he had any offers on the table to move in January or if he would be remaining at Schalke till the end of the season, until his contract runs out. Holtby has been an admirer of the Premier League for quite some time and it looks like his dream to play in England may soon come true. Whether it’s with Arsenal or not is undecided, especially with both Liverpool and Spurs also interested.