Should Arsenal fans force Kroenke to sell shares?

All the talk today is about the rumoured takeover of Arsenal from a rich Middle East based investment consortium. The story is that they want control over the club if they cannot persuade Usmanov and other shareholders to sell up. That means the main focus of the bid will be the shares of Stan Kroenke, which amount to around 63 percent of the club.

Great news cry the Gooners, at last we will have an owner who is not content to see Arsenal fail to compete in the transfer market and sell the best players to direct rivals. Not so fast Gooners. We now hear that Silent Stan, or Krappy Kroenke as I know him, is going to stick to his guns and refuse to sell, even though he would make around £400 million from the deal, nearly a 100 percent profit in a few years.

What is it with Stan? Does he hate the Arsenal fans that much? Maybe he just likes sitting in the best seats every now and then. He certainly doesn’t seem bothered about bringing any glory to Arsenal, so maybe he needs to know, from the fans, just how much we don’t want him to stick with us. If he started getting the treatment that Mike Ashley used to get at Newcastle he might change his mind about selling up. And he can take Ivan Gazidis with him.