Can Wenger still motivate Arsenal enough to beat Bayern Munich?

There is a terrible underlying lack of confidence in the Arsenal side at the moment, and they are even having trouble beating much lower level teams in Cup games, never mind when they meet European giants like Bayern Munich or Schalke(!!!).

In previous season’s we have seen that Arsene Wenger can re-motivate players after a defeat and have them mentally prepared for the next match, but with the betting news showing that Arsenal are as high as 17/2 just to win the game in Munich on Wednesday, can Wenger get the players back on track this time around?

He believes the team have to go there with confidence, and he has hopes that they can take the game to Munich on their own ground. “We’re chasing the game in a very difficult environment against a team that has no doubts at all,” Wenger said on

“But our mentality is to go there, not resigned, but ambitious and provoke things, not go there and think ‘we will not qualify anyway’. No, not at all. We will go to Munich and have to go there and give ourselves a chance to qualify with everybody believing we can do it.

“We have to behave on the football pitch like a team who wants to do it. That will be the task in the preparation. How will we go into the game tactically? I haven’t decided yet. It will be with an ambitious plan, that is for sure.”

Considering that Munich have not lost or drawn one game yet this season, the odds of Arsenal winning by three clear goals (100/1 according to Skybet!) are very slim indeed, but stranger things have happened in football.

Can you believe that Wenger could still motivate the players enough to pull off this shock?