Why is Champions League so important to Arsenal?

Champions League?! You’re ‘avin a laugh!

What does the champions league actually mean to Arsenal? Do the players see it as a successful achievement or do they feel it is maybe justified after a difficult campaign?

The players themselves will have different opinions and I’m sure they’ll just want to play in the world’s biggest club football competition, however to the fans it means much more. It shows we are still one of the biggest clubs in the world, it shows status, class and a good style and footballing ability. But the real question is, what does it mean to Arsenal? Not the fans or the players who represent the club, but to the people who run Arsenal behind the scenes, to those who we don’t particularly associate as Arsenal people but rather business men. Because that’s what they are right? Arsenal is run more like a business than a football club these days and the answer to the question is money!

To Arsenal, Champions League is all about the money we get from it and from that it allows us to buy big name players (if we actually tried) and that’s what it’s all about. Not about being in Europe’s elite, it’s about the club being worth something more than just another team in England.

Liverpool fell down the gap a few years ago and hasn’t managed to get back up to the top 4 where they were for so long, simply because they are no longer good enough. Money drives the game and they lost their good players because Champions League was no longer on offer for the Merseyside club. And if we are not careful it could soon be Arsenal.
In all honesty, are we good enough to be in the Champion’s league every single year or do we just manage to grab it at the last second after a good string of performances and taking advantage of others slipping up?

I’m slowly beginning to see it as a competition that basically allows us to attract at least some big names to the club, because I’m not so sure if you would have seen Cazorla and maybe Podolski join if we hadn’t managed to grab it last year.

Admittedly, we don’t have a high chance of winning it and that’s a negative view, but it’s honest. So why do we continue to enter a competition that we have little chance in? I’m not saying we should purposely say we should drop down to the Europa League so we have a higher chance of winning something! I’m not saying that at all! What I’m trying to say is when given the chance every single year to compete with Europe’s elite clubs, why don’t we buy the top players and actually try and challenge for the Champions League, instead of pitifully being knocked out soon after the group stages and then struggling in the league to get back into a competition that will most likely have the same result as last time. It’s a competitive circle and its either going to go the way that we buy lots of good players after gaining Champions League qualification and showing some ambition to be a top club again, or miss out on the Champions League and follow in the footsteps of Liverpool.

Simple question to ask yourselves; Do we deserve to be in the Champions League?