Real Madrid Denial Of Arsenal’s Higuain Agreement Is Nonsense

It is typical for Arsenal fans to be thrown from excitement to despair in the same day, which is what the report in the Spanish newspaper Marca could have done, if you believe it that is. Only yesterday we were all on a high following the statement by the father of Gonzalo Higuain that told us there was an agreement between the Gunners and Real Madrid, so official talks could be completed with the striker.

There were pictures of Higuain at Madrid airport last night and we were all eagerly awaiting the announcement, until the news from the Spanish media filtered through. The report states that Madrid have not received an offer from Arsenal and that they will demand a hefty sum for the Argentinean. It is not an official statement though, just a rumour from `sources`.

Don’t worry Gooners. Marca does have close ties with the Spanish giants, but that also means that the club can use the paper as it’s mouthpiece. First of all, they would not have given permission for Higuain to hold official talks with Arsenal if they had not agreed a transfer, but they also want their fans to think they are driving a hard bargain. They are always bullish about transfers but usually end up overpaying and underselling.

They don’t want to be seen to make it easy for Arsenal, but the fact is they already have too many players for the squad, and more than enough strikers. It has been known in Spain for a while that Higuain was going to leave this summer, so for them to start saying he is a valued part of their plans for next season is just bluff and nonsense.

Why would Higuain’s dad lie? He has nothing to gain from it.