Should Arsenal Bend To Madrid’s Will?

It is being widely reported by the likes of Sid Lowe that Higuain to Arsenal has hit a bump after Real Madrid decided to go back on the agreement they had with Arsenal regarding Higuain’s fee (£23m) and have now asked for more money for the services of the Argentinian.

This is definitely bad news for us Arsenal fans who were looking forward to us smashing our transfer record and actually proving to the rest of Europe that we are ready to compete. Usually, this would mean that there is no chance Arsenal would sign the player and it would signal that we are going to move on. However, this is the new Arsenal with money and therefore Wenger may (albeit reluctantly) meet Madrid’s new asking price – but should he?

Usually, if we were competing with many teams for his signature, I’d say pay the extra and get this over with. However, it is known that the big teams aren’t after Higuain as his main priority is game time – something he can’t get at say City or PSG. So Arsenal can play hardball and just move onto another target until Madrid decide that they need our money to complete their own transfers.

Also, there’s a matter of principle involved. It is ungentlemanly for Madrid to go back on their word just because they feel they can exploit Arsenal for more money. Arsenal also have a rich history and maybe the integrity of the club is at stake if we bend to the will of Madrid after agreeing terms with them beforehand.

What do you think? Should we play hard ball knowing our integrity is at stake and knowing we havea  monopoly of interest in the player or do we just stump up the money and get it over with?