Get Ready To Fear Arsenal!

Arsenal have lost a few things in recent years, including our best players, two major finals and the confidence and swagger that comes when you are playing well, even when you don’t win.

It looks like the Gunners are on the way to putting a lot of these things right, and that is why Theo Walcott believes that Arsenal are about to regain another important thing that has been lost; the fear factor that other teams have when they face us, especially at the Emirates stadium.

To do that, of course, Arsenal will need to carry on as they left off at the end of last season, and Walcott will need to prove that the goal scoring form he discovered in the just concluded season was not a flash in the pan, but the shape of things to come.

“It is quite frustrating at times, because we should have done that at the start of the season,” admitted the England international.

“Who knows where we would have been.

“We need to remember those moments that we had and make sure we do it from the start, because we could be challenging for anything.

“We could beat anyone.

“We want that sort of fear factor, especially at the Emirates.”

I agree with Walcott. The Gunners will need to have confidence and belief at the Emirates right from the start, because the Premier League opener is at home to Aston Villa, and the second game at home in the league is against Tottenham.

Recent history is certainly on our side there, though. Another 5-2 anyone?