Does Grenier’s New Contract Signal Cesc’s Return To Arsenal?

Arsenal have been targeting French midfielder Clement Grenier as one of their main midfield targets this summer and that man has officially signed a new contract with the French giants Olympique Lyonnais.

This might come as a surprise to many people as Grenier seemed a classic Wenger signing. He was relatively cheap (below £10 million), he’s French, he’s a young prospect, He plays in Ligue 1 and so on. However, surprisingly, either Wenger opted out of signing the Frenchman or Lyon managed to convince Grenier to stay.

The latter seems unlikely to me as no one in their right mind would turn down Arsenal if they played for a team like Lyon. Especially considering how the midfield man made sure his potential move to Arsenal was known to the media.

What’s more likely is Wenger opted out and therefore left it to Lyon to give Grenier a new bumper contract. Why would Wenger not want to buy him? Could it be possible that we have a bigger target?

Grenier would’ve in my opinion played as an attacking midfielder. He would’ve probably started with Wilshere still needing another season before we see him hit the levels of the best young midfielders in Europe.

So with that in mind, has Arsene found a better attacking midfielder than Grenier? Could it be Cesc? Maybe. We all know that Twitter is buzzing with the news that Cesc may be on his way back. It would make sense that we gave up on Grenier to focus on signing Cesc.