Mourinho Spits Rubbish Again

Jose Mourinho is at it again. He seems to be courting trouble again. He has hit out at the timing of the Capital One Cup clash against Arsenal. He condemned the fact that it came just 2 days after the clash against City.

“We are going to give the game that the people that put the game on Tuesday want,”

“If they want a big game, we cannot give the big game. If they want the players that were playing [on Sunday], we cannot give them that.

“If they want Arsenal to win a trophy, that’s a help, because if they want a big game between two big teams in London, they should put the game on Wednesday and not on Tuesday.”

“We have no problems,” “Unless you tell me that he had an influence on this. If you tell me that…”

Quotes via talksports

What exactly is wrong with the loud mouth? He might be a manager but he needs some lecturing on how matches are arranged. Firstly, he needs to understand that tough Premier League fixtures are for Sunday unless there is Champions League and that explains why City’s clash against them was on Sunday.

He said the clash should have been fixed for Wednesday. Why must it? The date of the clash was fixed when the draw was made. Why didn’t he complain then, why is he crying wolf now?

He said they might be helping Arsenal win a trophy. How silly? The Gunners don’t need an assistance from the FA to win a trophy. Every sensible person knows Arsenal are favorites to win the title. Even bookmakers such as agree. Also, it is a known fact that the Capital One Cup is the least of Wenger’s priorities so to make such allegation is simply silly. Arsenal are leading the park in the Premier League and they haven’t received any favour from the FA so why would they expect such in the Capital One?

He said he would not field the same players that battle City against Arsenal. Who cares who he fields? Arsenal also have their fair share of injuries and unjust suspension but Wenger isn’t crying like a baby. More so, he could be ringing changes. Also, is he saying his stars on the bench are not good enough to battle Arsenal? Ba, Eto’o, Luiz, Willian, Mata, Mikel are those not decent players in their own rights?

Mourinho is only trying to cry foul where there is none and looking for a good alibi should Chelsea loose to Arsenal. Sorry Mr. Mourinho, no one will listen to you.