Jack Wilshere Hits Back At Those Criticising Him


Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has come under the spotlight for more wrong reasons than good ones in recent weeks but he has always responded in the best possible way. Firstly, was the smoking episode that drew huge criticisms for his manager (Arsene Wenger), Arsenal fans and the media, then his opinion over the likely call-up of Januzaj got him under huge criticisms from a wider section of fans and the media. Finally, he was photographed relieving himself during a training with his Three Lion teammates. Now, the Arsenal midfielder has hit back.

“Yes, I do think (people forget my age). Not just because I’ve been around for a long time, but people hear I’ve got two kids and it’s not often you hear about a 21-year-old with two kids,” Wilshere said on the club’s official website.

“I have been in the (Arsenal) first team since I was 16, so that is five years and that is quite a long time in football terms.

“I made my debut when I was 16 and the aim was to play for England and it came pretty quickly – when I was 18.

“Then the main thing after that was to keep my place in the Arsenal team week in, week out and I did during that season.

“I then had a frustrating year with injury and it is tough when you are out injured, you have got to come back. People think that when you are out injured you don’t do a lot of work, but you do, trust me.

“It is tough, but last season I got back into the team, got fit again and had 30-odd games which was nice, and this year I have stayed fit so far and that’s the aim for the rest of season.”

“People are always going to criticise you and judge your performances all the time. They are paid to do that, so you have to concentrate on your own game,” he added.

“I play week in, week out against 31 and 32-year-olds, so I think you just have to take that (close scrutiny).”

Quotes via ESPN

Well said Wilshere. He seems to have the right response for them. It is with his performances. Agreed his form hasn’t really been top notch this season and that has been down to injuries rather any pranks on his side. His ankle is still susceptible to injuries as his recent 2 weeks lay-off showed.

I believe Wilshere is paying the price for arriving on the scene a little too early. At just 21, he has already had 5 years of top flight football, that has given people the impression that he has been around for almost ‘forever’. I am of the impression that his best footballing years are ahead of him, he only needs to keep his feet firmly on the ground and keep putting in disciplined shift. Under the tutelage and mentorship of Wenger, he will be one of the best English midfielders of all time.