Mourinho Labels Arsenal Worthy Leaders

Certainly, the race is on for the Premier League title and it seems it is becoming a 3 horse race that will eventually come down to the wire but currently, Arsenal lead the chase as they are 4 points clear of the closest rivals, Chelsea. The Blues’ manager Jose Mourinho has declared that Arsenal are worthy of their top place on the Premier League table.

“In relation to Arsenal – if they lead, it’s because they were better, made less mistakes,” he told reporters. “So they deserve to be there. But the championship doesn’t end at the end of the year, it ends at the end of May.

“If it’s another club [other than United] I would tell you it’s impossible. With Manchester United I don’t say that. The potential and the culture of the club is not one to panic.

“They are still a contender; they will stick together, win five or six matches and they will look to other matches where teams will lose points.” ( via ).

Finally, he has admitted that Arsenal are deserving leaders. Whether the league ends in December or May, it doesn’t take out the fact that Arsenal are worthy leaders at this stage of the season and if they could maintain the form till this point, then, they can carry it over the finishing line. He said league ends in May meaning there was still ample time for lightning to strike again and Arsenal will capitulate as they have always done but this time, he will be sorely disappointed. The Gunners now have depth and huge experience which means they can go the whole hog and in contrast, Mourinho is still coming to terms with his team and that has seen them loose some matches. That certainly gives Arsenal an edge. This league might go down to the wire but it might just be Arsenal that cross the line first.