Silva Confirms He Could To Join Arsenal In July

Wellington Silva.

Arsenal might be close to having back in their fold one of their highly rated youngsters Wellington Silva.

The Brazilian has been a journeyman faraway from Arsenal after the Gunners signed him from Fluminense owing to absence of working permit. It is common knowledge that getting work permit for youngsters from Asia, South America and Africa is a herculean task in England but there seems to light at the end of the tunnel for the highly rated Brazilian as he is close to securing the relevant documentation which will allow him to kick-start his Arsenal career now.

He told Lancenet: “The process to the get the passport is already under way.

“The Spanish law says that to request the documents you have to have been here two years. In January 2014, it will be three years so I think they will be ready.

“The pre-season in England starts in July and I’ll have a passport by then.

“I hope to have the opportunity to achieve my dream of playing for Arsenal. The team is strong and I hope to fit in well.”

It is interesting he is already keen to play for Arsenal and it is certainly good to have one of our youngsters back. Joel Campbell is still on loan owing to the same work permit conundrum. I don’t expect Silva to walk straight into the first team but would be a good and decent player in the Cup competitions; the Capital One Cup and early stages of the FA Cup.