I Am A Different Arsenal Weapon – Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott

Arsenal are certainly not short of attacking options though we lack a bit of options in the natural central striking role. One of Arsenal’s key attackers Theo Walcott has alluded to that but was swift to stress his difference to the rest of the lot.

“You need different options,” he told Arsenal.com. “We’ve got a lot of players who love getting on the ball, who have great touch and great supply, but you need a bit of pace just to stretch teams and give them that extra bit of worry.

“We’ve got so much danger going forwards and it’s a nice headache for the manager to have. I’m a totally different player to most of our other options.”

“I only played two games with Mesut before getting injured,” he said. “If you look at his record he gets assists in pretty much every game – and he supplied me again the other weekend.

“He’s always looking for those passes, and we have a lot of others who can do that too. He’s making us a better team.”

Of course he isn’t far from the truth. Arsenal have Rosicky, Podolski, Cazorla, Ozil and Wilshere as the other attacking players but Walcott is special and different in his own rights. He is the least skillful of the entire gang, that is an obvious weakness for a winger but he is also the fastest and yet again, that’s a huge plus.

His pace means, Arsenal can quickly turn defense into attack and stretch teams owing to his pace. In his absence, Arsenal have struggled to break down some defensive teams especially West Brom and Manchester United.

The other ones except Podolski are playmakers fashioned into wingers and owing to this, they tend to drift into the center when in possession and this often robs Arsenal of genuine width. Walcott is the only true winger Arsenal have.

His return also means Arsenal can now profit more from Ozil’s vision. The German likes exploiting space with his through passes and with Walcott in the side, the Gunners have a player that they can be sure will be battle ready to latch on to them.