Should Arsenal Sign Berbatov For £2m?


As Arsenal’s search for a striker continues, Arsenal legend Perry Groves has urged the Gunners to look at their immediate environment for a solution rather than journeying far. He has urged Arsenal to consider a move for Fulham’s Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov.

“The top teams aren’t going to let their best players go and you want quality to go in. You could probably get him [Berbatov] for a million or £2m for the last six months of his contract,” the Arsenal legend said.

“He is in a team that’s struggling because he won’t close full-backs down, he won’t go in the channels. But I think, he thinks he’s too good for Fulham. Sometimes his body language is, ‘what am I doing here? They can’t even feed me the ball’.

“If he goes to Arsenal he’s not going to think he’s better technically than the Arsenal players, he’ll think, ‘oh I’ve got players on my level’. Basically it’s a no brainer. If you got a year-and-a-half out of him, which I think you can, then he will be a brilliant option if you want to rest [Olivier] Giroud. He wouldn’t alter the team pattern at all.”

Well said Perry and I agree totally with him. What we maybe looking for is a long term solution but in the absence of that we can opt for a good stop-gap that will go a long way in bolstering our title chances. All the A-list strikers that we have been linked with are unlikely to move in January and even if some do, the issue of settling in still arises.

For Berbatov, he already understands the Premier League and would settle in at Arsenal since he is familiar with London already having stayed at North London and now West London with Fulham.

His style of play might also suit Arsenal. The argument against the Bulgarian is that he is slow and could slow down the pace of the game. That could be a vital asset when trying to conserve a lead. What some of the critics have failed to admit is the fact that he is so good at hold-up play and that makes him a perfect back-up for Giroud. Also his finishing is top notch and would bring the wealth of experience necessary to win the title. He has won it before while at United. He is also eligible to play in the Champions League, that is a huge plus.

Finally, the fact that he might cost us just £2m makes him a no brainer. If he flops, we will  know we didn’t loose much but if he hits form, we would have gained a lot. He could help stand in the stead till the summer when we would have a better chance of landing Rooney, Suarez, Costa or Martinez.