Is Eduardo Da Silva Actually Coming To Arsenal?

Eduardo da Silva-1414726

Former Arsenal striker Eduardo da Silva has expressed his interest in pulling on the Arsenal red and white again, read reports this morning. It is widely expected that the thirty year old won’t be offered a new contract with Shakhtar Donetsk and will be looking elsewhere for employment.

Speaking in an interview to Il Sussidario he said: “But of course, who would not like to go to Arsenal? Everybody knows that when I left, everything was done in a friendly manner.

“We are still friends and after leaving I spoke several times with Arsene Wenger. I still have many friends in London but of course this does not mean that I will come back to Arsenal.”

While he shows an immense love for the club he once represented he is also quick to dismiss the possibility of it happening. His quotes are as clear as they can be, he is not coming back. The rumor reeks of lazy journalism looking to spin what is a very honest claim into some kind of purported move.

While Eduardo might have been a decent player once, he no longer is the kind of striker that would interest Arsene Wenger. He’s lost quite a bit of pace after his injury and a player on the fringes of a Ukrainian team can only harbor only so much hope of getting near this Arsenal squad. Also, Eduardo is on the wrong side of thirty to even be considered by the Arsenal hierarchy so that pretty much puts paid to the rumor of his return.

Eduardo has elicited serious interest from Italy and it is expected that his next destination will be the serie A.