Wenger Ponders Another German Swoop

Still intent on solving the striker conundrum, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is set to rekindle his interest in long term target Miroslav Klose. Wenger was linked with the veteran German last year and with him on the look for a short term solution, it is not a surprise that the German’s name has re-surfaced.

According to reports in SportDirectNews, the Gunners boss is now expect to rekindle his interest in veteran German international Miroslav Klose as he looks to solve his attacking problem. Although it can be argued that Sportsdirectnews are not a reliable media outlet, the fact that Wenger has been linked to Klose in the last one month by bigger media outlets and the fact that our efforts to sign other targets has failed so far makes me think there is a chance of Wenger rekindling his interest.

That isn’t a bad move if you ask me. If Arsenal were linked with Berbatov, then Klose isn’t a bad idea too. Both players are advanced in years and only good for short term but while one may lack motivation, the other doesn’t and that would be evident in how they approach the short team offers.

While Berbatov isn’t looking forward to the World Cup, he just wants to leave Fulham for any club in safety, Klose is aspiring to make the German party to the World Cup so as to stand a chance of toppling Ronaldo as the highest goal scorer in the history of the competition. The only way he can make the German squad is by proving himself at the highest level. Playing for Arsenal would give him the top level competition he needs to convince Joachim Low that he can still do the job for the German Machines.

Berbatov though he is good at link up play just like Klose but he is accused of been too slow unlike the German. While Klose would prove a very good back up for Giroud, it will still leave Arsenal short on the wings but that is no big problem as it would have halved Wenger’s headache.