Tomas Rosicky Injury Update


Czech team technical director, Dusan Fitzel, has stated that Rosicky has suffered a broken nose although it is not as bad as first feared.

Gooners had come to fear the worst after setting their eyes on a badly mangled nose twisted out of shape on Rosicky’s face during the Villa game but Fitzel has dismissed any fears and has claimed that it is a normal fracture and it will take a maximum of three to four weeks. If necessary he can also advance his return by wearing a protective mask a la Torres but such a move seems drastic given the upcoming fixtures and there being no pressing need with regards to injuries in his position.

This is what Fitz had to say to Czech sport site“With Tomas we briefly phoned and said that as far as possible he feels good.

His condition is perhaps a little better than it originally appeared.

We will learn more Friday at our meeting At Arsenal’s training centre.”

After losing so many key players to injuries, Arsenal fans will be happy to hear that TR7’s injury is not as bad as initially feared. Although he is unlikely to play against Fulham on Saturday, he is expected to be back on time for when Arsenal play Conventry city in the FA cup.

Currently on the injury table are the likes of Theo Walcott who has been ruled out of the season and likely to miss the world up in July, Abou Diaby who has been injured since March last year, Tomas Rosicky out for two weeks with a broken nose, Nacho Monreal out for two weeks with a tendon problem and Mikel Arteta who has been injured for two weeks.