Santi Cazorla Forced To Apologize To Tottenham Fans


Santi Cazorla has taken to Twitter to apologize to Spurs’ fans after he was pictured with Robert Pires and a fan, holding a placard insulting them.

Santi and Arsenal legend Robert Pires were pictured with an unknown fan holding a piece of paper that read, “What do we think of Tottenham? Shit, And what do we think of shit? Tottenham”. The picture was uploaded to Twitter and re-tweeted 1000’s of time, thus enraging the Spur’s faithful.

This is not the first time that an Arsenal player has caused fury among the rival’s ranks on social media. Wojciech Szczesny, Wilshere and Frimong are regular offenders, often mocking the Spurs for their tepid performances on the pitch and their position on the table.

Cazorla’s actions, however, were a tad too tasteless to have everyone bursting out in mirth. Cazorla claims he did not know what was written on the paper and duly apologized for what could only be termed as crass behaviour.

Cazorla took to his twitter account to apologize on behalf of Pires and himself. The tweet read: “Our apologies to the Tottenham fans, we couldn’t see the paper. #alwaysfootballalwaysrespect.”

It is nice to see a player come out this way and apologize for his behaviour even though some would argue that he has nothing to apologize for. An open display of disrespect towards any of his team’s rivals would be enough to ensure a legendary status but he has done the right thing in trying to keep the rivalry on the pitch, where it belongs.