Chelsea To Beat Arsenal To Julian Draxler Signing?


The transfer rigmarole that is the Draxler transfer rumour continues to wreak havoc as it offers no signs of drawing to a conclusion.

So far only Arsenal have been reported to have an interest but the Mirror is currently reporting that Jose Mourinho is also a long time admirer and harbours hopes of capturing him in the summer. Arsenal have so far enjoyed autonomy over all the stories pertaining to the German star but it seems there are twists to be had.

A source close to Mourinho has said: “Jose likes him a lot and there is a big chance he will come at the end of the season.”

“But if Arsenal go for him now, Jose’s hand maybe forced.”

This Draxler story is reminiscent of the Hazard one, where only Arsenal were linked with the player for a long time before they ended up not even as a consideration in the final decision. However, this story doesn’t quite make as much sense. Chelsea are preparing for Mata’s exit, a player they claimed to not need. Draxler is a similar player, playing in similar position so why then are Chelsea interested in replacing a player they considered auxiliary with an even more expensive and not yet fully developed option.

The report has been generated by the English media so it doesn’t seem likely that Schalke have planted it, it is still very cynical.

Earlier, it was reported that Arsenal will be resting their chase for Draxler now and pursue him in the summer instead and they probably will. The only question this begets is, will Chelsea also be in the hunt?