Legend Names Aaron Ramsey As The Best Player In The Premier League

Aaron Ramsey

Former Arsenal captain and legend Patrick Vieira has hailed Arsenal’s midfielder Aaron Ramsey, branding him the most consistent and best player in the Premier League this season.

“Aaron has been terrific and fantastic,” Vieira told reporters. “He has been the best and most consistent player in the Premier League.

“At the start of the season he was fantastic because of the number of goals he scored from midfield but also the number of goals he created.

“If Arsenal are top it’s because he has been the best player as the start of the season.”

“Arsene is really good at developing and trusting young players,” Vieira continued.

“What’s stopped Ramsey’s progress was injuries in the last few years but now he has sorted that out.

“Credit to Arsenal and Arsene who believed in him.

“And credit to Aaron as well because even with all the injuries, he’s kept working hard, believing in himself and that he could make it.

“The ability has always been there and I’m pleased he is now showing what he is capable of.”

Interesting thoughts from the former Arsenal midfielder. I agree with him that Ramsey has been the most consistent player in the Premier League this season. The Welshman has been contributed his fair share of goals for Arsenal right from the midfield position and also had his own fair share of assists too. Ramsey has also been an effective tackler and ball-winner.

If there was a man that is qualified to speak on Ramsey’s performance, it is Vieira because the Welshman is a box-to-box midfielder just like the Frenchman though he isn’t as physical.

It will be great to see Ramsey be in the running for the PFA Player of the year and Young Player of the year but he would have to continue his good showing in the second half of the season. He has been out of action for almost a month and hopefully, he would have had enough rest and ready to fire on.