Could Mario Balotelli Become A Gunner?

Mario Balotelli

Arsenal recently announced their partnership with Puma, which would make Arsenal the beneficiary’s of the biggest shirt sponsorship in Europe but it seems Puma are not happy with just that record and have offered to help Arsenal in the pursuit of Italy’s best striker.

Arsenal are desperately on the lookout for a striker to add to their roster in the summer. Mario Balotelli is unhappy at underperforming AC Milan. These two sentences when viewed in isolation perhaps don’t amount to much interest but when put together make for a succulent story and a story which could possibly be true, if reports in the Metro are to be believed.

Arsenal are reportedly interested in the player but not his transfer fee and in come Puma as a panacea to all the ills of their new club. Puma are purported to be willing to part with a fee of £15m to help Arsenal secure their target.

It would be ridiculously altruistic for a shirt sponsor to help invest so much in a club that they’ve just signed with and it appears that all might not be as it appears. Puma believe that Balotelli, who is sponsored by them, would add to the glitz of their commercial activities if paired with the club that they also sponsor and in turn make them a whole lot more money than they invest.

Balotelli has been in top form since joining Milan but his move has coincided with Milan’s worst season in recent memory and he is not all too happy about it. It remains to be seen whether he would be open to a move to England after enduring a torrid time here during his time with City especially because of his sour relationship with the press.

Balotelli would be a perfect signing for Arsenal and though doubts persist about his demeanour, he is still a very talented footballer and possibly the best on his day. The fans will surely be eagerly waiting to see how this story unfolds.