Bayern Munich’s Weak Point Revealed

Bayern look like a well oiled machine with no seeming weakness and this has made Arsenal’s task of overturning the first leg deficit almost an impossible mission, but Arsenal can afford to take comfort from what Bayern’s Sporting Director Mathiaus Sammer said. The former German legend seems to have discovered the Bavarians achilles heel and has revealed it.

“We are still far away from perfection. Both in Stuttgart, as well as in Nuremberg, as well as at Arsenal we were in the first 15, 20, 25 minutes everything, but not good.” Mathiaus Sammer said

“We must ensure that we are consistent in Hanover and in the future from the first minute. The results are very good. But the initial phase must be better.”

This is certainly an interesting discovery. From what Sammer said, it seems the Bavarians are slow starters and any team hoping to rock their boat must be ready to ruffle their feathers in the opening minutes before they settle to their usual fluid rhythm. Arsenal seem to be on the way to exploiting that and could have done so if Neuer had not been at his best to save Sanogo’s snap shot and Ozil’s penalty.

Arsenal can afford to take comfort from Sammer’s statement and all they need to do in the second leg is gun for an early goal like they did last season and hold firm even when Bayern settle into the game but to achieve this, the Gunners must be ready to take their chances and not fluff their lines in front of goal.