Wenger Set To Convert Ozil To A Striker?

Arsenal’s record signing is a playmaker of repute and his assists record prior to his Arsenal move gave credence to this but his current manager at Arsenal Arsene Wenger believes there is more to his record signing than mere assists. Le Prof believes Ozil could also add goals to his game.

“I would like him to find the right balance between being a provider and finisher,” he said.

“At the moment the balance is a bit detrimental to the finishing. His strong side is providing.

“But he is pacy, much quicker than people think he is, and with that technical quality and pace, if he gets into the right areas and with the service he has, he can score goals. He wants to score more goals, I am convinced of that.”

Do I agree with Wenger? Absolutely! Ozil is no doubt technically adept and would make a good finisher, his goal against Everton is a proof of that. Just like Wenger said, he needs to get more into goalscoring positions and take the chances when they are presented him.

Asking Ozil to get goals could be an indication that Wenger is planning to shuffle his pack. Arsenal are spoilt for choice in the creative position but stretched in the striking department. Earlier in the season while speaking on how he intended to solve the striker conundrum, he suggested he could play a false 9 with Ozil spearheading the attack. Seems that’s what he is planing by demanding more goals from Ozil.

Should Ozil turn into goalscoring machine the way Messi also became one, Arsenal might not need to get a striker again.