Why Wenger Can Not Afford Not To Spend This Summer

The season is almost over and in comes the summer transfer window but it will be over-shadowed by the World Cup. Certainly, teams will be busy and Arsenal fans should expect Arsenal to get busy too as Wenger attempts to add to his squad and make them genuine title contenders.

According to reports, Arsenal have money to spend and Wenger may be handed as much as ¬£100 million¬† to shop in the summer transfer window. Fans will not be interested in Le Prof’s usual rhetorics and alibi; no quality in the transfer market, returning Diaby and Walcott are like new signings and I have Giroud, Sanogo and Campbell, so I don’t need to sign a new striker. Besides, Arsenal needing to refresh the squad to boost our chances of winning the title, we also need to do that to stay afloat because failure to do so, Arsenal may be left behind.

The perennial big spenders City and Chelsea will be at their profligate best while Liverpool could celebrate their return to the European elite scene with some huge spending of theirs. United smarting from no Champions League football will want to make amends by making an instant return if possible as Premier League champions and that will mean spending big. According to reports, the new manager will have 200million Pounds to spend on new players. This season, Arsenal couldn’t beat them so what happens if they beef up and Arsenal don’t, it will be worse. We just can’t allow that to happen.

That’s for the top teams, there are still some wannabes like Tottenham. According to reports, Sherwood has been told that he will be replaced in the summer with Ajax coach Frank De Boer confirming an approach from Spurs. Chances are there that the Dutch legend may move to White Hart Lane, just hope Bergkamp doesn’t follow him. Levy will want to give him a good ground to start and that means spending some money. Wenger cannot afford to be left out.

Unlike the other ones, Wenger is a shrewd manager and doesn’t have to pay over the odds to get good players provided he moves early and seals the deal fast. Ahead of next season, when is the best time to sign players, certainly, it is before the World Cup. Any move after the tournament especially if the player had a good tournament, the club could end up paying over the odds. Come on Wenger, go do some Rosicky kind of deals.