3 Reasons Why Fabregas Will Return To Arsenal This Summer

As the season gradually draws to a close, the summer transfer market swings open. Arsenal is expected to be active in the transfer window but Wenger has played down the possibility of anything happening before the World Cup, claiming the football mundial will put on hold any transfer activity. That gives a clue that the players Wenger is gunning for are on the plane to the World Cup. That gives some comfort. It seems Wenger is going for experienced players and not starlets.

That as it may, I still believe by saying that, Wenger was tossing the red herring. I expect him to make some signings before the World Cup and the rest after the mundial. If he could sign Rosicky before the tournament in 2006, he can do it again. One player that is expected to be in the transfer market is former Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas. Barca are likely to cash in and Arsenal should still be interested in their former captain. Where will he end if not the Emirates? You wonder how I am so sure he will return to Arsenal? I have my reasons and share them with you.

Firstly, he is not appreciated at Barcelona. Unlike when he was at Arsenal, he was the king and when the team won, he was the star of the show but at Barca, he is just a mere statistic when the team won but the scapegoat when they lost. He is now 27 and must be craving for some love and respect. Where can he find those things if not at Arsenal?

Another reason is the release clause. Arsenal got the better deal. They sold him for 35million Pounds, inserted a buyback  clause at a fixed price which will see them pay significantly less than they got when he was sold and should Barca sell him somewhere else, a sell on clause in his contract mean Arsenal will get a significant percentage of the fee paid for him. Barca’s hands are tied, the only way they can make any decent amount from his sale is by selling him to Arsenal. Arsenal now have money to spend and won’t lose arm and leg to bring him back in the summer.

Also,  the love for Arsenal and the Wenger factor. It is a known fact that Fabregas loves Arsenal. Unlike the other players that left Arsenal, he still follows the Gunners, watches their matches and wishes them well. With all those gestures, Fabregas has done well to keep the bridge intact in the light of him having to walk back through it to the Emirates.

The Wenger factor cannot be over-emphasized. What exists between both men is a father – son relationship and after having his confidence and form battered at Barcelona, who else can be trusted to repair the damage if not Wenger. One of the benefits Arsenal will be reaping by keeping Wenger is the return of Fabregas.

On where he will play, he need not worry about that, Wenger will fix it.