Arsenal Does Not Deserve Ramsey? A Response To Adrian Durham’s Gibberish

Arsenal fans are still in celebratory mood after ending the protracted trophy drought no thanks to the extra time winner from the boot of Welsh wonder Aaron Ramsey but there seems to be a man who isn’t happy and openly shows his discontent at it. That man is so sad that he has decided to aim a puncture at Arsenal’s joy by alluding that Arsenal’s match winner Aaron Ramsey deserves more than the stage Arsenal are offering him. According to the critic, Ramsey like his Welsh compatriot Gareth Bale deserves the centre stage of a Champions League final and not a FA Cup final. Can you make a guess of who could have blurted such abominable gibberish? He is none other than Dailymail’s lousy writer Adrian Durham.

Are you shocked that he said that, don’t be too shocked, he was the same person that said Manchester United should boycott the Europa League if that was what their position on the table got them at the end of the season because it is a competition for losers. So sad they failed so woefully that they couldn’t even clinch one of the Europa League slots as I would have loved to see if they would have taken the idiotic advice that they should boycott it. Let them boycott it and see UEFA ban them from the Champions League for donkey years. Then, we will see how they will attract top class players. He said Europa League was a competition of losers but Juventus and the likes played it. If you don’t want to play a competition of failures, then, play like champions and to do that, go for a champion as manager and not one that doesn’t know what a trophy looks like. Manchester United failed to do that and are paying heavy price with interest for it. United’s predicament makes me appreciate what Wenger has done the more. I will not be surprised if many fickle United fans dropped their season tickets, can’t wait to see their renewal figures. A bit of shameless promotion before I go on, Arsenal fans interested in match tickets for next season can Click here to buy Arsenal tickets on

Back to the latest in Adrian Durham’s long list of silly write-ups. To suggest that Arsenal don’t deserve Ramsey is totally risible. Has he forgotten where Wenger plucked Ramsey from, forgotten the injury that set him back for a while and how he was nurtured back to footballing health? Agreed that some Arsenal fans including celebrity gunner Piers Morgan berated him for his poor form, that is normal though not justified. While some fans were criticising him, some stood solidly behind him and that includes me, knowing he would come back strongly and that he has done.

He said he should be playing in the Champions League final like Bale. I would like to ask him if Real Madrid’s season would be deemed a success if they fail to win the Champions League in Lisbon. Of course it would be a big failure if they fail to win it. How can you spend almost 150million Pounds and only have the Copa Del Rey (equivalent of the FA Cup) to show?

Bale and Ramsey might be Welsh but they don’t have the same story to tell. Why did Bale leave Tottenham for Real Madrid? Simple, failure to deliver Champions League football for two consecutive seasons. On the strength of that, one can even say that Arsenal are too good for Ramsey. As a Cardiff prodigy, he moved from playing Championship football to Champions League football. That is a privilege not too many good footballers get to enjoy.

Silly Durham believes Ramsey should be playing for Real Madrid or Bayern Munich because they take the Champions League seriously but did he ask himself if they would have persevered with him when he was recovering from the career threatening injury? Chelsea and Real Madrid sold Robben because of persistent injuries; Manchester United couldn’t stand the injuries to Saha, Smith and Hargreaves. If they ditched those players during their trying period, would they have stood with Ramsey (a youngster during his) when they have money to buy a ‘better’ replacement and move on as though nothing happened? In life, no pain, no gain. If a club cannot support a player during his trying times, they don’t deserve him when he is at the top of his game. Forget the fans, the first line of support is the manager and in that, Wenger has done very well. Now, it is Ramsey been too good for Arsenal, I am very sure he would be singing the same tune should Diaby have a successful season too. Maybe he would suggest he should be playing for PSG, forgetting the many years Arsenal have been mending his wounds.

Finally, after reading the article, I asked myself if Durham was paid to write it by Real Madrid? That might be funny but certainly not impossible. The likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona lack class when they are in pursuit of any player. They seek to use any means to unsettle the player and create a rift between him, his club and fans. Should that be Real’s aim, they are bound to suffer a colossal failure because Ramsey isn’t going anywhere for many obvious reasons. He has a long term contract with Arsenal so the Gunners hold the ace in any negotiation unlike in the case of those greedy lot that joined the Manchester clubs. Also, he now has a trophy to show for his efforts at Arsenal so the carrot of you’ll win trophies if you join us won’t sell. The question he would ask himself is if he could win the FA Cup in his first good season at Arsenal, how much more will he win in the future? On the trophy front, Bale hasn’t done better than him, he might have gotten to the Champions League final but he hasn’t won it yet and should he fail to win it, he is in the same boat as Ramsey.

The most important one is the fact that Ramsey and Arsenal which includes Arsene is a love affair made in heaven. Why would he quit Arsenal where he is a star for Real Madrid or Bayern where he could become just one of the good players. Does it make sense to swap regular assured first team football for a bench role? Those are questions for Durham to answer but I hope he thinks before he answers them as it seems he doesn’t do that before he writes his articles.