Why Arsenal Will Surprise Their Fans In The Transfer Market This Summer

Last summer transfer window when Tottenham Hotspurs were signing players like they were going out of fashion, some Arsenal fans were hitting hard at the club management for the lull that was taking place at the time. We have since understood that leagues are not won by the number of players a club signed, but by the quality of additions.

Arsenal were only able to make three signings last summer against Tottenham that signed seven players; but we all know where they ended on the table. This season, Arsenal need to dip deep into the transfer window to strengthen key places in the team. A few players like Fabianski, Sagna and Vermaelen (not certain yet) are almost certain to leave at the end of June, and they have to be replaced.

With the press reporting that the manager has been handed a transfer kitty of £100 Million, Arsenal are likely to make some marquee signings when the window opens. Unlike in the past, Arsenal now have money to spend which is thanks to the good work the club’s commercial team have done in the last one year. With Puma and several other big companies putting money on the table for the Gunners, we can now spend as much as 100 million and still be able to pay back some of the loans we took to build the stadium.

Another reason Arsenal will win the transfer window this summer is due to the fact that a lot of players want to leave or change clubs this summer. Players like Benzema, Khedira and Aurier are eager to ply their trade elsewhere and Arsenal are a very attractive option. In the world of transfers, three parties agree a deal. These three are the player and his agent(s), the club interested in the player and the club with which the player is currently attached and if you look around, there are just so many quality players that will be ready to move this summer and their clubs are willing to sell. This gives Arsenal the opportunity of getting what they want and maybe for a good price. Aside the aforementioned players, Fabregas, Gotze, Cavani, Bony, Jackson Martinez, Diego Costa, Alexis Sanchez and a host of others are available for the right price ( that is within Arsenal’s new found financial muscle ).

Arsene Wenger has smelt the blood and is more eager to go all out for the title next season. For a manager whose players topped the league table for 21 weeks last season, there is no better inspiration than going all out to boost his team next season. He has spent 18 years with us, the first 9 years were full of winning laurels or actually competing for them but there was another 9 years of drought and now that the jinx has been broken, I am sure he will want to go all out to ensure his “3rd” tenure at the club is full of good and not bad memories – winning or competing for titles.

With the Financial Fair Play coming into play next season, and with clubs like PSG and Manchester City already feeling the heat, a lot of clubs may have to sell in order to buy players. Players like Edison Cavani, Falcao, Fabregas, Bony, Benzema, and Remy may have to give way for new players to come in. Madrid for example may have to place Benzema on the transfer market to give way to the signing of Luis Suarez. This gives Arsenal a big opportunity to cash in on some of the availability of these players. Kudos to financial fair play ( Even though I believe it is been poorly implemented ), Arsenal can now get players that no one thought we could get and for a price that will please our “money manager”.

The transfer market this summer seems to me like a buyers’ market. Considering how PSG and Manchester City have been dealt with by the hammers of the FFP, it seems clubs are now more conscious hence clubs like Arsenal that have been prudent all along can easily benefit.

Having won the FA Cup this season, the club’s hierarchy are likely going to back the manager with enough money to boost the team in the summer. It is going to be a massive summer for Arsenal as the team will want to consolidate on the achievements of last season.

Do you see Arsenal winning the transfer window?