5 Year Old Writes Emotional Letter To Arsenal Star

Professional footballers all over the world have a special grip on their fans wherever they are based. Who would have thought that a 5 year old boy who lives in Norway could be so passionate about football that he would write a letter passionately pleading with his favourite player not to leave his favourite club?

The football world was moved with passion when the letter of 5 year old Max from Norway was made public on twitter. In the letter, which has also been acknowledged by Ludivine, Sagna’s wife; the 5 year old boy made a passionate appeal to Arsenal right back Bacary Sagna to rescind his decision to leave the club when his contract expires at the end of June.

Max’s letter reads thus:

“I play a lot of football and always pretend to be you”, wrote 5-year-old Leif.

“I have got a shirt with your name on. My teacher met you in the Islington Hilton 4 weeks ago.

“We both want you to stay at Arsenal. Please stay!”

It remains to be seen if the 31 year old right back has already signed for Manchester City, but Arsenal fans all over the world may have given up hope of having him extend his contract. Just this evening, rumours of Sagna stating that he has turned down the club’s contract offer were all over twitter.