Fabregas Agrees Deal To Join EPL Club – Arsenal Maybe?

If reports in the Spanish press are anything to go by, we will see Fabregas back to the premier league next season. According to high rated Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo, the former Arsenal captain has agreed a deal with an unnamed Premier League club after Barca made it clear to him and his representatives that his services are no longer needed at the Nou Camp club.

The paper claim Fabregas’ agent has been in England to finalize the deal and they expect it to be announced just after the world cup finals in Brazil.

So where could Fabregas go?

He has already rejected the opportunity to sign for Manchester United saying even if they double his current pay, he will not join them. The pizza incident of years ago and spatting on United jersey are pointers to the fact that Fabregas is very unlikely to join Manchester United. It is obvious he hates Manchester United.

Chelsea do not really need him and their style of play is not in any way suited to his and judging by their body language it seems they are finally taking financial fair play seriously, which means they can’t spend lavishly like they have been doing in the past. Neither do Manchester city need him especially as they have Yaya Toure, Silva and Nasri, all of whom can play in the “Cesc role”. Liverpool? Let’s not even discuss them here.

Everything points to the fact that Fabregas is coming back to Arsenal ( if Wenger wants him ). Wenger has confirmed that he and the other Arsenal negotiators worked hard to insert the buy back clause ( at a fixed price ) and the first refusal clause in his contract when he was joining Barcelona for a reason.

Also, every statement, every interview released by Fabregas ever since he joined Barcelona points to one thing – he will only return to Arsenal if he is to be play in the premier league again. Just like Thierry Henry, Fabregas sees Wenger as a father and Arsenal as his second home which totally rules out he joining another club in the Premier League. It is call loyalty, some still have it.

However, let’s assume for once that the paper are lying ( they always do, it is normal for them ) and Fabregas has not signed for any EPL club. Where could he go aside from Arsenal (assuming once again Arsenal do not want him back like the British press are trying hard to make us believe).

He could go to Bayern Munich and reunite with his mentor Pep.

Pep Guardiola who is his mentor could ruin Arsenal’s party especially if the reports that Bastian Schweinsteiger is likely to join Manchester United are true. Some will argue that even at that Arsenal have a upper hand, yes, we have an upper hand but only if Fabregas wants to come to us and if Wenger wants him. To be fair on Wenger, he may think he has Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Ramsey and Wilshere and he does not need Fabregas and that may just push the ball in Bayern Munich’s court if they want him. It may be difficult for Fabregas to reject Wenger but what can he do if Wenger does not want him and who can really blame Wenger if he does not sign him? We have other more pressing needs after all.

Just my thought, what do you think?