Sagna’s Statement – An Insult To Arsenal Fans’ Intelligence

There are clear interpretations that can be gleaned from certain statement. Yet, when a strange decision becomes obvious for what it is, interpretation that serves to deceive becomes an avenue of derision.

Former Arsenal right back, Bacary Sagna, has tended to interpret his move to the blue side of Manchester as a purely footballing decision.

Speaking to the press he said thus:

“I’m going to clear everything up because I keep reading that I did it for money and I’m greedy. What I want to say is I stayed with Arsenal with the same contract since 2008 and I never asked for more money.

“For people who think it’s for money, it’s not. I just wanted to change. I needed a boost in my career and I think it was about time.

“It was not an easy time because we were still involved in the FA Cup and it was hard to stay focused,”

“I stayed focused on my team because I have a lot of respect for Arsenal. I believe Arsenal is a great team. I believe we have great quality and we won a trophy finally. It’s not even about that because Arsenal have a quality.

“It’s just that, personally, I wanted a boost. I needed to start from the bottom again. It is an exciting time for my career because I’m 31.

“I know they have a very good right-back in Zabaleta and I will have to fight to find some time on the pitch but I think we have a good team with City and we can do great.”

To me, the above statement is an insult to Arsenal fans’ intelligence. As much as he tries to paint the picture to look like he went to Manchester City because he wanted a change, such interpretation will not be bought by those in the fan base with a rational reasoning. The question remains: would he have departed if Arsenal had matched the wages Manchester City offered him? The answer would have been an obvious NO.

It is not logical for a 31 year old who has been the first choice right back at Arsenal for 7 years, to opt for a move to Manchester, to play second fiddle to one of the best right backs in the Premier League, to Pablo Zabaleta, who is two years his junior. The move was purely motivated by money and not for footballing reasons. He can not argue, he went to City for trophies when Arsenal just won one in the just concluded season and judging by their performance last season and the likelihood to bring in new players, are in better position to win something again next season.

He would have decided to pursue a course in another league. If truly he wanted a new challenge. Inter Milan were interested in signing him, but it president stated earlier in the year that he had decided to stay in the Premier League.

Although, he is no longer in the books of Arsenal and he deserves accolades for his commitment and services to Arsenal. He however cannot say that money did not play a part in his move. Nobody sees white and calls it black, except such a person wants to deceive. That is what he has tended to do by holding that it was not because of the money.

It is always about the money, and the man with the dreadlocks cannot say otherwise.