Arsenal Set To Pay £12 million For Frenchman But Is He Worth It?

Arsene Wenger is known to be hugely reluctant to spend certain amount on a player. His parsimony has been a trademark feature of his Arsenal reign. Choosing to stick to his own valuation of players than the selling club which usually has that prerogative. Which brings one to the issue of Mathieu Debuchy’s price tag, which the press has put at £12 million. The cliché that every player has a certain price, hold sway in many cases. And the inflation of transfer prices, by the money bag clubs, has certainly made valuation of players to go beyond the roof top.

The question then is; is Mathieu Debuchy worth that amount being branded about in the press? Many would say, the talk should be on the club getting the replacement in and not bothering on the valuation of players, as that is for the accountants to worry about. But as Arsenal fans have become embroiled over the finances of the club, as well those over the delayed transfer deals of the club, the money spent on players over the years have always been in shape focus. As a result, every price of a player is scrutinized, as fans have adopted the positions of forensic experts in player valuation.

Arsene Wenger dwells so much on resale value in terms of what a player will be worth when he is at a certain age. From the inflated transfer market position, the Frenchman is worth the £12 million valuation that has been placed on him. But from a realistic point in a transfer window, he is certainly not worth that amount. But, we do not leave in a realistic world anymore, as far as the valuation of players are concerned. The inflated price in the market makes it that way and the club and it fans will have to live with it.

If anything, from face value, several players were never worth the amount paid for them, ditto the price £85 million for Gareth Bale, £27 million for Adam Lallana and £30 million for Luke Shaw. Those prices were clearly inflated price and does not reflect the actual value of these players. However, from another angle, the valuation of a player can also be viewed from a subjective and objective paths. And the subjective nature in the fans of a buying club would love for every transfer fee to be as low as possible as it wants it club to get it choice players in early, but the objective nature of the selling club, would undoubtedly want every penny to be drawn from a player that they have come to adore.

So the question whether Mathieu Debuchy of worth the £12 million will always differ from the angles of the Magpies and the Gunners.