Balotelli To Arsenal Rumours – Agent’s Fabrication?

There are certain weather patterns that sometimes stays in the air and just will not leave the radar. That is how the Mario Balotelli to Arsenal rumours have been in the past few weeks. Although, Arsene Wenger dismissed the rumours, as mere fabrications from the media, it still has not stopped the media from linking the enigmatic Italian striker to the Emirates.

However, the consistent rumours linking the striker cannot be more than the handiwork of his Mr. 20%, who has consistently spoken how the Milan Club has abstained from supporting the player after his inertia World Cup.

This is just the antics of an agent stirring the waters by shopping his clients across various clubs in Europe. A player cannot possibly force a move to a club, that doesn’t want him, when such a club as gone on record to say his previous links were media fabrications, as Arsenal has done through Arsene Wenger.

The fact that the stories has refuse to go away means, Mr. 20% is doing a good job at making his client’s value up, as AC Milan look to fan out several of it high earners.

It is no surprise that several clubs have distant themselves from the Italian, due to the baggage’s that comes with him. Besides, the likely signing of Alexis Sanchez means Arsenal do not need a player in the mode of the Italian. A player that will alter the serenity within the squad should be avoided.

Although, some will assert that the Chilean is a winger and a striker, while Balotelli is strict sens a striker, but the football ability alone does not make a player  complete, the added part of being able to knuckle down and sacrifice for the overall benefit of the team, makes a good player to assume the mantle of a great player.

One thing is sure of all the rumours that has linked Mario Balotelli to the Emirates, is that the player himself has not said he intends to move from Italy. All the talks have all come from the player’s agent. Which means he is either scampering for a new contract for his client, or he is trying to raise the bar as he has seen the stock of Balotelli fall, due to his uninspiring display at the World Cup where his best imitation of a footballer was when he earned two yellow cards in just three matches; apart from the goal he scored against England.

Whatever the continuous rumours linking Mario Balotelli to North London, it’s a deal that will not happen as it remains in the realm of highly unlikely.